Improving the Welfare of La Jolla Youth Since 1952

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Why Pony Baseball?

La Jolla Youth Baseball plays 'Pony' Baseball.  There are several other brands of youth baseball in America.  'Little League' is probably the most well known, with other smaller brands that include 'Dixie' and 'Cal Ripken'. 

Pony Baseball is different then other youth baseball leagues in many ways. The rules of play are designed to maximize player development and minimize chance of injury. Players 5-14 years old are placed in division strictly by age at two-year intervals so that kids are competing with others their same age.

Field dimension (base paths and pitching distance) are gradually expanded with each division to match the growth and development of young players. This ensures that all players will compete on a field that matches thier abilities and improves safety concerns that can occur when older players are on fields that are too small (i.e. Little League).

Most importantly, young players are introduced to more advanced rules at younger ages, so that they are challenged with new baseball concepts as they grow.  Pitching, stealing bases, and other "complete game" elements are introduced at a younger age than in other youth baseball brands.

Overall, it is our view that Pony Baseball offers the best opportunity for development, while also being safer than some other programs.  It is our belief that there is a better chance to play at a higher level (whether that is travel, high school, or even beyond) by getting a start in Pony Baseball.

For more, see the pony website.