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Pony Division Rules

  1. Bat the entire line up. 
  2. No new inning begins after 2 hours and 15 minutes of playing time when there is a game following the game in progress.  If there is no game following, the in progress game may continue to completion of 7 innings by agreement of the managers.
  3. No player may sit out two innings until every other player has sat out at least one inning. 
  4. A minimum of 3 pitchers must be used in each game (a pitcher must record 3 outs or face 3 batters to qualify as a pitching appearance). 
  5. No batting practice on the field before games. 
  6. It is strongly encouraged with 2 outs that a pinch runner is allowed for catchers. 
  7. All players must be registered with the Pony Division in La Jolla Youth Baseball. All players must be in compliance with the specified age requirements set forth by PONY Baseball. 
  8. A team must field at least 8 players in uniform and able to play at the start of the game (and at any time during the game) or they forfeit the game. When playing with 8 players, the ninth position in the line up is taken as an out. 
  9. A player who quits, or due to injury is unable to continue the season shall be reported immediately to the League President by the manager in the form of a written report. Players on the waiting list, if any, will have priority. 
  10. Any manager, coach or player who yells at an umpire will be immediately asked for his name and recorded in the scorekeeper's book and reported to the League President. The first occurrence will be: 
    • Player, manager or coach, that person will leave the game and will miss the next game. 
      • ​The manager/coach must serve their penalty by not being on the field during the game, but must be at the game.
      • The penalty for player ejection must be served in the dugout and the player must be in uniform.
    • If parent, the umpire will request the manager to control the parent. If the parent fails to respond, the parent will be ejected from the premises. If the parent fails to leave, the game will be forfeited.
  11. In the event a manager/coach is ejected a second time, he/she will be suspended from coaching for the remainder of the season, pending review of the League Officers and Board of Directors. 
  13.  The Official playing rules, with the exceptions and variations contained in this document, shall be set forth in the PONY Rule Book.