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Shetland Rules
  1. Dates TBD 
  1. Shetland is about learning the fundamentals of baseball consisting of throwing, hitting, and fielding.  Games are on Saturdays ONLY.
  1. Use the league website for guidance on any questions of playing baseball or any weather issues at anytime throughout the season at
    1. It will be updated on Saturday mornings to let everyone know the status of the fields.
    2. Shetland rained out games will not be rescheduled 
  1. During each inning, all players bat once.
    1. All players hit singles and advance only one base per hit until the last batter
    2. During 2nd half of season, while on the pitching machine, if the ball goes out into the outfield, the player may advance to the next base, until the ball is back in the infield, regardless of ball control. Once ball is back into the infield, the player must stop at the nearest base.
    3. Last batter gets a “grand slam.”
    4. Nobody gets out, even if the defense makes a play that would normally result in the batter or base runner being out, all batters/runners stay in play.
    1. No bats in the dugout during play
    2. No bats in kids hands unless handed by a coach
    3. No swinging bats unless in designated areas (no need for “on deck” swinging for Tee Ball.)
    4. Helmets are mandatory for batting and base running.
  3. With a runner on third base, after the ball is hit, the batting coach shall ensure clear home plate area of:
    1. Bats on the ground
    2. Tee
    3. On-deck batter
    4. Beware! Most children are going to want to slide into home plate!
  1. All players play defense each inning. No player sits.
  1. No jewelry is to be worn by any player except for medical identification.
  1. Cell phones, “Ipods,” pagers or any other type of electronic communication/entertainment devices cannot be used on the field of play by coaches or players.
  1. Older siblings may assist as base coaches. Nobody except registered LJYB Shetland players may practice or play with the team. 
    1. Siblings may assist in coaching at the discretion of the manager

13. Hitting:  In Minors, the first half of the season will be hitting tee or coach underhand toss, at the discretion of the hitter's Manager.  After Spring Break, the pitching machine will be used.  In Majors, the pitching machine may be used throughout the entire season.  

  1. Pitching machine
    1. When using the machine, each batter gets three “good” pitches.
    2. If no hit after three pitches, batter then uses the tee.
    3. In between games, please make sure the machine is turned off and unplugged to avoid the temptation for some player to try to use it. 
    4. No child (player or sibling helper) is allowed to feed or even touch the pitching machine
    5. Speed should be set around 36mp 
  2. Facilities
    1. Exercise good stewardship of the facilities. 
    2. Take care of the field. 
    3. Clean up after every game.
    4. Keep food out of the dugouts.
    5. Please clear the dugouts quickly after the game
    6. Have your post-game snack away from the field, diamond and dugouts to allow the next team to prepare for the game and please clean up after snack time.
  1. Catcher Position
    1. No player may play in the catcher position unless full gear including leg pads, helmet with mask, throat and chest protector is worn.
    2. Sibling helpers are not permitted to assist in catching
    3. Shetland catchers do not actually catch the ball from the machine. Keep them out of the way and let them throw pitches back to the pitcher (Recommended – pitch all pitches, then have catcher throw back after runners advance).
17.  Foot wear
  a.  Metal Spikes are not allowed in the Shetland Field.