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2014 Mustang Division Rules

Player Rotation, Line-up and Positioning

  1. Bat the entire line up.
  2. No player may sit out two innings until every other player has sat out at least one inning.
  3. Each player will play at least one inning in the infield (pitcher, first, second, shortstop, third or catcher) in each game.
  4. Each player will play at least one inning in the outfield in each game.
  5. A player can play 3 maximum innings at any position each game.
  6. 10 players may be used defensively (4 in the outfield equidistant apart and no closer than 15 feet from the edge of the infield prior to the ball being hit).
  7. A team must field at least 8 players in uniform and able to play at the start of the game (and at any time during the game) or they forfeit the game. When playing with 8 players, the ninth position in the lineup is taken as an out.  However, the out cannot be taken to end an inning or the game and is carried forward to the following inning when applicable.
  8. With the exception of pitching changes, no player may switch defensive positions in the middle of any inning unless a player gets injured or the opposing team manager agrees with the switch (ie player safety concerns).

Hitting and Baserunning

  1. It is strongly encouraged with 2 outs that a pinch runner is allowed for catchers.
  2. All Players while in route to home plate must slide or avoid contact if there is any reasonable chance that a play will be attempted at the plate.  Failure to do so in the umpire’s judgment will be an out.
  3. If in the umpire’s judgment, the batter throws the bat, the batter will be given a warning for the first offense and will be called out for any subsequent offenses, and the ball is dead.  All runners will return to their previous bases.
  4. 10.5. PONY Baseball Rules for Mustang, Section 9, Paragraph N, Option 1 will be used for the entire season: “Runners may lead off and steal bases, as in the Official Baseball Rules” with the following exception:

    1.     No direct stealing of home off the pitcher will be allowed, but the runner may steal on a wild pitch/passed ball, a pick-off attempt at 3rd base (the ball must be thrown to 3rd) or a wild throw back to the pitcher from the catcher. 

  5. Head-first slides are not allowed, except in the occasion of a player returning to a base to avoid a pickoff.


  1. Pitchers may pitch a maximum of 2 innings per game, which must be consecutive, with a maximum of 6 innings per week.
  2. In the post season tournament only, pitchers may pitch a maximum of 2 innings per game, which must be consecutive, with a maximum of 8 innings per week.
  3. Pitching week begins on Monday at 12:01am and ends on Sunday at 12 midnight.
  4. Pitchers must follow the pitch count recommendations set forth in the Pitch Smart Guidelines established by Pony Baseball.

    Daily Maximum:   50 pitches
    Required Rest: 1-20 pitches 0 days rest
    21-35 pitches 1 day rest
    36-50 pitches 2 days rest

  5. Rest is calculated as per calendar day.
  6. Pitchers reaching their maximum number of pitches in a day while pitching to a batter may finish pitching to that batter before being removed.
  7. A pitcher must record 3 outs or face 3 batters to qualify as a pitching appearance.
  8. If a pitcher comes in and faces only one batter or pitches only one pitch that is still considered an inning for that pitcher, although the pitcher must face at least 3 batters or record three outs for it to be considered an official appearance. 
  9. A minimum of 4 pitchers must be used in each game and each of the 4 pitchers must record three outs or face at least three batters.
  10. The dropped third strike rule will be enforced as per MLB rules.
  11. It is strongly encouraged that all players be allowed to pitch at least one inning during the season.

Inning and Game Duration

  1. No new inning begins after 2 hours.  Game drop-dead at 2 hours and 15 minutes when a game precedes another game, except in the Playoffs when there is no time limit.
  2. Weekday games have no time limits, except when a game is called due to darkness.
  3. 5-Run Rule per Inning until the 6th inning which will allow unlimited runs, or unless due to time constraints, both coaches and the umpire agree to an alternate last inning.
  4. No 10-run (mercy) rule.

Rule on Managing and Coaching

  1. A team may have up to four adults assisting for each game. 
  2. On offense, each team may have a first and third base coach on the field.
  3. Coaches are not allowed on the field while their team is on defense, except for visits to the pitcher.
  4. The Home team will provide the umpire with three new game balls at the start of each game.  If more balls are needed, both managers can select the best available balls from their used game balls.
  5. The Home team manager is responsible for pre-game field maintenance, keeping the official score, and field clean up after the game.  Both managers are responsible for cleanliness of their respective dugouts, especially after the last game of the day.
  6. The winning Manager of each game is responsible for timely recording the score on the league’s website and/or notifying the league president of the score so that he can update the website.

Safety and Regulations

  1. No batting practice on the field before games.   
  2. All players must be registered with the Mustang Division in La Jolla Youth Baseball.
  3. All players must be in compliance with the specified age requirements set forth by PONY Baseball.
  4. A player who quits, or due to injury is unable to continue the season shall be reported immediately to the League President by the manager in the form of a written report. Players on the waiting list, if any, will have priority.
  5. No extra player rule.
  6. Metal spikes are not allowed on the Mustang Field.

Personal Conduct

  1. Conduct should always emphasize setting the best example for the kids.
  2. Only the manager may discuss or dispute umpire calls.  Under no circumstances shall a coach, player or parent do this.
  3. Any manager, coach, parent or player who yells at an umpire or otherwise engages in verbally abusive or inappropriate behavior will be immediately asked for his name and recorded in the scorekeeper's book and reported to the League President. The first occurrence will be:
    1. If player, manager or coach, that person will leave the game and will miss the next game.
    2. If parent, the umpire will request the manager to control the parent. If the parent fails to respond, the parent will be ejected from the premises. If the parent fails to leave, the game will be forfeited.  The League President may take further action including excluding the parent (or parent's guest) from the premises for the remainder of the season.
    3. The penalty for player ejection must be served in the dugout and the player must be in uniform.
    4. The manager/coach must serve their penalty by not being on the field during the game, but must be at the game.
    5. In the event a manager/coach is ejected a second time, he/she will be suspended from coaching for the remainder of the season, pending review of the League Officers and Board of Directors.

The Official playing rules, with the exceptions and variations contained in this document, shall be set forth in the PONY Rule Book.